Saturday, April 11, 2009

Librarian Secret #5

Are you planning a trip and want to know how far it is from one destination to another? GEOBYTES offers an easy to use City Distance Tool that will calculate that information for you. Just type in the name of the city of origin in the first search box, and the city of destination in the second search box, and click the next button. You will be directed to a page with different locations that include your cities' names. Select the correct entries for your search and click on find distance. Just for fun, I calculated the distance from San Francisco, California to Rome, Italy. I found out the distance in miles is 6,253. Of course, you can also calculate short distances, for example, the distance in miles between Pasadena, CA and Los Angeles, CA is 11.

I hope you will check out this site the next time you need to know the distance between two cities! (FL)


Book Calendar said...

This is a new one for me. I rather like the idea of automatically calculating distance between two cities.

Forgetful Librarian said...

I use this one when someone calls and just wants the "general" distance...not the direct directions from point A to point B.

♔ jessica.marie said...

Hello and thank you for the compliments. I am actually pretty familiar with HTML code due to myspace. I could send you in the direction of some good tutorial sites if you want.

Oh, and I couldn't tell but did you want to be entered into The Crimes of Paris giveaway?